Ted Van Duyn

Ted Van Duyn is Chief Technical Officer for Conceptual MindWorks, Inc. (CMI). At CMI he is responsible for the development of the architecture and overall system design for the data repository and interface with the front end product line. Prior to joining CMI in 2002, Mr. Van Duyn’s 40 years of professional experience were centered on the design, development and operations of large scale data base/data communication systems.

Highlights from Mr. Van Duyn’s previous experience include 17 years with BMC Software, Houston, Texas. While at BMC, Mr. Van Duyn served as Director of Research where he developed business plans to rationalize product portfolio, identify relevant market segments, and prioritize product development efforts. He also served as Senior Vice President of Research and Development where he was responsible for all product business plans, product development, product support and operations. Additionally as Chief Technology Officer, he helped to identify and build plans to integrate technology into product planning and development to open new markets.

While working with Amdahl Corporation, Sunnyvale, California, Mr. Van Duyn was employed in different capacities as a Software Systems Engineer providing on-site support for the world-wide customer base of Fortune 100 sized installations in application of data base/data communications technologies. This involved working closely with commercial and governmental entities on appropriate application system architectures and performance management of large, multi-data center IT operations.

Earliest professional experience is a combination of various commercial positions, all involving data base/data communication systems.

Mr. Van Duyn holds a Bachelor of Science degree in Mathematics from the University of Illinois and a Master of Business Administration from the University of Connecticut.

  • "We have the vision that our products and services will lead to the better health of people around the world through the ethical development and application of software technology, the sciences and engineering while providing value to both our customers and stakeholders."
    – Conceptual